There are 2 types of “new student scholarships”: merit-based and need-based. Recipients of merit-based scholarships are chosen based on their academic achievement only. New students interested in such merit-based scholarships may apply regardless of their financial situation. (Merit-based scholarship is only available at the time of entrance application.) Prospective students may submit applications for new student scholarships together with their regular entrance application. Results of new student scholarships will be included together with your acceptance letter. Students granted these scholarships will be exempt from tuition and facilities fees for their first term. Therefore, the only fee new students will have to pay is their entrance fee. Note: Student loans provided by ICU (only available for students of Japanese nationality) can be used starting from students’ second term. Therefore, if students use both new student scholarships and student loans, the only fee they will need to pay while a student at ICU (until graduation or completion of minimum residency) is their entrance fee.