ICU Peace Bell Scholarship

 ICU Peace Bell Scholarship Application Guideline AY2020


1.     Outline/History of the Establishment

In April 2008, International Christian University inaugurated a new scholarship program with the funds donated by the alumni, faculty members and others who supported the system. Undergraduate students apply for the scholarships before entering ICU, and the university selects “ICU Peace Bell Scholars” who shall be role models for other students for all four years of their study, based on the recommendation letter and the entrance examination scores. The selected scholars are required to submit reports periodically and maintain satisfactory academic performance as “ICU Peace Bell Scholar.” Applicants need to take appropriate procedures at the same time as they submit the application documents for admission.

What is ICU Peace Bell?                                                                                          

ICU's peace bell was given to the ICU Chapel for its 50th anniversary to honor Hisato Ichimada, former governor of the Bank of Japan and supporter of the university when it was first established. The bell is engraved with words from the First Epistle of Peter: "Let Them Seek Peace and Pursue It." The bell chimes at the same time every day to send the hearts of people who hear it to world peace.


2.  Benefit Terms and Conditions

1)    Eligibility: Applicants for the undergraduate program at ICU with good character and high academic performance, who need financial support

2)    Award amount: 1,000,000 yen per year

3)    Payment period: Four years in principle (the standard length of time it takes to graduate from ICU)

*Except the case that the scholar’s grades fall significantly or the scholar’s misbehavior is discovered, and also except for the period of leave of absence.


3.     Application Procedure

1Applicable forms of entrance examination: All except the admissions for transfer students

       General admissions, ICU special admissions

       Admissions for Shakaijin (mature students)

       Admissions for recommendees

       Universal admissions (April admissions for returnees, April admissions for international students, September admissions for international students, April/September admissions by documentary screening

* You may apply for the scholarship with multiple forms of admissions; however, you need to prepare necessary application documents for each form of admissions.

2List of documents required for application

Documents which all the applicants need to submit (all four of those as below)

Name of the form/document


AY2020 Application Form for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship/ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

(Form 1-1)

A common form for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

AY2020 Application Form for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship

 (Form 1-2)


Letter of Recommendation for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship

(Form 2)

The recommendation letter must be enclosed in a sealed envelope by the recommender.

A family member/guardian of the applicant or a faculty member/staff of ICU cannot be a recommender.

*Please ask the minister of church you attend to write a recommendation letter if you are a Christian.

Copy of certified documents of the applicant’s parents’/guardian’s annual income of 2018 (from January to December 2018)

A.     Income certificates/tax return certificates of both of the parents are required in principle. (If the livelihood supporter is someone other than the parents, a certificate of that person is required.)

B.     Name of the income certificate differs depending on each municipal office.

Ex.) “市民税・県民税課税証明書 (Certificate of Municipal and Prefectural Residents’ Tax Amount),” ” 特別区民税・都民税課税非課税証明書 (Special wards tax, metropolitan tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate),” etc.

*The certificate must be issued by the municipal office that has jurisdiction over the address of your household as of January 1, 2019.

C.     Please submit certificates with the specified type, breakdown and amount of income, and the number and type of the spouse and supporter. The documents cannot be accepted if the mentioned information is marked with asterisks/strike-through, or left blank.

D.     If the income is zero in such cases as the livelihood supporter is a full-time homemaker, you are still required to submit the written certificate of the gross income of zero yen.

E.     If you cannot obtain the certificate to meet the requirements above for reasons such as living abroad etc., submit the tax payment certificate issued by a public institution or the income certificate issued by the institution your parents belong to.


Documents which self-subsistent applicants need to submit (all four of those as below)

Name of the form/document


       Written explanation of the reason to apply as a self-subsistent applicant

       Income certificate of 2018 of the applicant and the spouse

       Resident card specifying the applicant as the householder

       Copy of the applicant’s health insurance card

*You may apply as a self-subsistent applicant only when you meet all the requirements from A to C as below.

A.      You are the householder (living apart from the parents).

B.      You are not a dependent of your parents/household supporter under the Income Tax Law.

C.      Your income covers all your living expenses, and you defray it.


3How to submit

Fill out the ScholarshipApplication Documents Cover Form”, affix it to an envelope which can contain A4 size documents unfolded, enclose the application documents in the envelope, attach it to the application documents for admission and mail it. Application for scholarship will not be accepted if the documents are sent separately from those for the application for admission.

4Application deadline: Same as the deadlines for each form of application for admission.

5Selection: Scholars are chosen by making an overall evaluation of various factors such as the quality of their application materials, high school academic performance, entrance exam results, financial situation, etc.

The offer of the scholarship will be sent in the form of a registered express letter with the announcement of admission decisions enclosed. If your application is unfortunately rejected, no letter will be attached to the admission results.

6Scholar’s responsibilities

    To attend matriculation ceremony and Peace Bell Scholarship award ceremony

    To maintain good academic standing at ICU

    To participate in campus life in a mature and responsible manner

    To submit a report on academic progress and extracurricular activities to the recommender every year

    To submit a similar report to grant contributors every year

    To submit a similar report to ICU every term

    To attend the ICU Peace Bell Scholar Report Event upon graduation and give a speech on the four years of campus life.

7Notation of the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship: It may possibly be noted with the name of the grant contributor/organization for example as “ICU Peace Bell (XXXX) Scholarship.” In such a case, the conditions such as the amount and period of the scholarship stay the same.


Precautions for concurrent application (to apply for more than one type of scholarship/admission) 

1. Application for both ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

1Application documents

Please submit application documents listed in 3-2) as above. And please be sure to put a checkmark next to “Concurrent application” in the section to choose the type of scholarship on the form 1-1.

2Type of scholarship the applicant qualifies for

The applicant can qualify for either one of the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship or ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship.

2. Application for both A and B admission system

1Application documents

Please submit only one set of application documents regardless of whether to apply for only one of the admission system (A/B) or both.

2Type of scholarship the applicant qualifies for

The decision on the application for the scholarship will be made for each type of admission system. The application adopted in the admission system A may not necessarily be adopted in system B; the application rejected in system A may be adopted in system B. The scholarship that the applicant is offered in one of the two admission systems cannot be applied to the application for the other system.


For inquiry regarding the scholarship, please contact:

Student Affairs Group

Student Services Division

International Christian University

Tel: 0422-33-3068




Q1What is the ratio of applicants to scholarship adoption?

A1It varies with the academic year. It’s usually approximately 10 to 15 times.

Q2I am a working adult. To whom should I ask for a letter of recommendation?

A2Please ask your former teacher or your boss at work for a recommendation letter. You may also ask an adult who knows you well (excluding your family members or the full-time faculty members of ICU). As you will be required to submit reports on your academic progress and campus life to the recommender every year, choosing a friend of yours is not recommended.


Q3May I write the application documents and recommendation letter on a word processor?

A3The applicant must personally fill out the application form in handwriting with a ball-point pen or similar writing implement. The recommendation letter may be written on a word processor. In that case, however, write “Refer to the separate sheet” in the body of the original recommendation form and attach the printed out sheet written on a word processor.

Q4What should I do if there isn’t enough space in the write-in columns?

A4Please write freely on an A4 size sheet (free format) and attach it to the application form, and write Refer to the separate sheet” on the original form.

Q5How is the scholarship money paid?

A5ICU Peace Bell Scholar receives 1,000,000 yen per year, divided into three times (one in each of the three terms), after entering ICU.

Q6I forgot to enclose the application documents in the admission application packet. Can I send it separately afterward?

A6We don’t accept the application for the scholarship if sent separately from the admission application materials, as they must be processed together.

Q7Can I have my application documents returned?

A7We don’t return the application documents to the applicant whatever the reason may be. Please take the proper application procedure after understanding it.