ICU Peace Bell Scholarship

This page is for September entering students only.

   In 2008, International Christian University inaugurated a new scholarship program to enable highly promising students with financial need to reach for their dreams at Japan’s leading Liberal Arts University.
  Peace Bell Scholarship recipients (Peace Bell Scholar) will receive one million yen per year for all four years of their study at ICU. These scholarships are made possible through the generosity of ICU alumni and friends, and to strengthen the links between the donors and the beneficiaries, award recipients will be expected to report annually on their progress and activities while at ICU.
What is ICU Peace Bell?
The ICU Peace Bell was presented to the university to celebrate the school's 50th Annniversary. The bell hangs in the ICU Chapel tower, commemorating Hisato Ichimada, head of the Bank of Japan during the fund-raising years to establish a new kind of university in Japan. The inscription on the bell reads "Let them seek peace and pursue it" (First Letter of Peter, Chapter 3, Verse 11). The bell chimes on campus each day to remind people who hear it of the elusive goal of peace on earth.
  Students applying to ICU as First Year “Regular” Students who possess strong personal character and high academic promise, and who demonstrate financial need.

Award amount and payment method
  Award amount: One million yen per year for four years-the standard length of time it takes to graduate from ICU
  Payment method: The scholarship will be paid to your bank account in Japan in three installments (per term)
How to apply

 September Admissions

 Application Guideline

 List of application documents

  September Admissions for International Students by Documentary Screening/Interview


2017年度 ICU Peace Bell奨学金募集要項

- 2017年度 ICU Peace Bell奨学金/ICU High Endeavor奨学金応募用紙
- 別紙1
- 別紙2
- 別紙3
- 別紙4
- 別紙5
- 2017年度 ICU Peace Bell 奨学金 推薦書
- 2015年分の父母両方の所得証明書類*

 September Admissions by Documentary Screening


 ICU Peace Bell Scholarship Application Guideline AY2017

- ICU Peace Bell Scholarship / ICU High Endeavor Scholarship Application Form
- Appendix 1
- Appendix 2
- Appendix 3
- Appendix 4
- Appendix 5
- ICU Peace Bell Scholarship recommendation letter
- Copy of Certified documents of applicant's parents' annual income for 2015*

*If you submit certified documents provided in languages other than Japanese and English, please attach the translation in Japanese and/or English.

Selection Process                                                                        
 Peace Bell Scholars are chosen on the basis of the quality of their scholarship application materials, high school transcripts, and educational certification and test results.

Notification of Results 

  The scholarship result will be notified with the announcement of admissions results. The letter of the scholarship offer is included only for the selected applicants. (No letter is included for unselected applicants.) 
 Peace Bell Scholar’s Responsibilities
  1. To attend matriculation ceremony and Peace Bell Scholarship award ceremony
  2. To maintain good academic standing at ICU
  3. To participate in campus life in a mature and responsible manner
  4. To submit a report on academic progress and extracurricular activities to the recommender (every year)
  5. To submit a similar report to grant contributors (every year)
  6. To submit questionnaire to update the situation (every term)
  7. To make a report of your campus life at the report meeting upon graduation
  Note that in case where academic performance at ICU fails to meet the minimum requirement, the awards may be revoked.
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