ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

This scholarship financially supports incoming students whose first choice is ICU and who take Undergraduate Admissions. Recipients are determined before enrollment and will have the entrance fee as well as 1/3 of both the annual tuition and facilities fee waived.

- Those who applying to ICU as their first choice university as First Year "Regular" or “Transfer” Students who possess high academic promise and who demonstrate financial need.
- The total amount of family income for 2018 is below 7,500,000 yen.
Award Amount
ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship awards are for matriculation fee plus tuition and facilities fee amount for the first term at ICU. The total scholarship amount will be deducted from the first term payment at ICU.

How to Apply
Applicants for ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship who apply to Admissions conducted in English(April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening), please refer to the Application Guideline below and submit the application documents along with application materials for Admissions.
Applying for both both ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship, application document for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship(Form2) is downloadable from the following website:

Application Deadline
The deadline for submission of this scholarship's application documents is the same as for the other university application materials for Admissions.

Selection Process
Recipients are chosen on the basis of the quality of their scholarships application, high school transcripts, and educational certification and admissions test results. If you applied for both ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship and are accepted, only one of the scholarships is to be granted by the university.

Notification of Results
 Notification of Scholarship awards will be included with the announcement of admission decisions.

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