ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

 Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship Application Guideline AY2021


1.   Outline/History of the Establishment

International Christian University inaugurated “ICU High Endeavor Scholarship” in AY2015 for the purpose of supporting students whose first-choice university is ICU and who need financial support.

It is a grant type scholarship, and students do not need to pay back. The selected scholars receive scholarship money equivalent to 1/3 of the amount of the tuition and facilities fee of the first academic year. The scholars are expected to be always aware of the fact that they are the selected ones of many applicants and to work hard to live up to the expectations.

From AY2018, the name of the scholarship changed to “ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship” in order to encourage the scholars to become conscious of the importance of handing over the torch of donation, a portion of the scholarship resources.


2.  Benefit Terms and Conditions

1 Eligibility: Applicants for the undergraduate program whose first-choice university is ICU, who are eager to study at ICU and show high performance in the admission examination. And the total amount of the income of their parents specified in the income certificate of FY2020 must fall into the criteria of either A or B as below.

 (If the family budget supporter is someone other than the parents, please substitute the third person.)

A.      Annual income consists of only income from employment: Total income of parents is less than 7,500,000 yen (including tax)

B.      Annual income consists of income other than income from employment: Total income of parents is less than 2,700,000 yen

2 Award amount and payment period: 1/3 of the amount of the tuition and facilities fee of the first academic year (college of liberal arts, AY2021)

    Breakdown: matriculation fee ¥300,000 + tuition (for the first term) ¥359,000 + facilities fee (for the first term)  ¥118,000 = \777,000

3 Payment method: Will be directly applied to the matriculation fee and the tuition for the first term. There will be no cash transfer.

4) Expected number of acceptance: 40


3.     Application Procedure

1Applicable types of admissions: All of the following including the admissions for transfer students

    General Admissions

    Sogogata Sembatsu

    Admissions for Shakaijin (mature students)

    Admissions for Recommendees

     Universal Admissions

(April Admissions for Returnees, English Language Based Admissions(April/September Entry), EJU Based Admissions(April/September Entry),

 * You may apply for the scholarship with multiple forms of admissions; however, you need to prepare necessary application documents for each form of admissions.

2List of documents required for application

Documents which all the applicants need to submit (both of the two as below)

Name of the form/document


AY2021 Application Form for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship/ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

(Form 1-1)

A common form for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship 

*Please download the file and make it electronic (PDF) before entering it.

Copy of certified documents of the applicant’s parents’/guardian’s annual income of 2019 (January to December)

A.     Income certificates/tax return certificates of both of the parents are required in principle. (If the livelihood supporter is someone other than the parents, a certificate of that person is required.)

B.     Name of the income certificate differs depending on each municipal office.

Ex.) “市民税・県民税課税証明書 (Certificate of Municipal and Prefectural Residents’ Tax Amount),” ” 特別区民税・都民税課税非課税証明書 (Special wards tax, metropolitan tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate),” etc.

*The certificate must be issued by the municipal office that has jurisdiction over the address of your household as of January 1, 2020.

C.     Please submit certificates with the specified type, breakdown and amount of income, and the number and type of the spouse and supporter. The documents cannot be accepted if the mentioned information is marked with asterisks/strike-through, or left blank.

D.     If the income is zero in such cases as the livelihood supporter is a full-time homemaker, you are still required to submit the written certificate of the gross income of zero yen.

E.     If you cannot obtain the certificate to meet the requirements above for reasons such as living abroad etc., submit the tax payment certificate issued by a public institution or the income certificate issued by the institution your parents belong to.


Documents which self-subsistent applicants need to submit (all four of those as below)

Name of the form/document


       Written explanation of the reason to apply as a self-subsistent applicant

       Income certificate of 2020 of the applicant and the spouse

       Resident card specifying the applicant as the householder

       Copy of the applicant’s health insurance card

*You may apply as a self-subsistent applicant only when you meet all the requirements from A to C as below.

A.      You are the householder (living apart from the parents).

B.      You are not a dependent of your parents/household supporter under the Income Tax Law.

C.      Your income covers all your living expenses, and you defray it.

3How to submit (The application method differs depending on the entrance examination form.)

 In case of General Admissions, Sogogata Sembatsu, Admissions for Shakaijin (mature students),

Admissions for Recommendees, April Admissions for Returnees:

Please prepare an arbitrary square type 2 角2型 (A4 size can be folded) envelope, describe "scholarship application documents" on the surface, enclose the above application documents, enclose in the  application documents for admission and mail it.


In case of English Language Based Admissions (April/September Entry), EJU Based Admssions (April/September Entry):

All application documents must be uploaded to the Online Application System in a PDF format. 


4Application deadline: Same as the deadlines for each form of application for admission.

5Selection: Scholars are chosen by making an overall evaluation of various factors such as the quality of their application materials, high school academic performance, admission results, financial situation, etc.

If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, the offer will be notified through the Online Application System together with the Notification of Acceptance. If your scholarship application is unfortunately rejected, no letter will be attached to the Notification of Acceptance.

5)Scholar’s responsibilities

    To complete the admission process by the deadline set for the form of admission for which you are selected as a scholar, and enroll in ICU

    To register for courses in the first term after entering ICU

    To carry out the procedure of the reception confirmation of the scholarship (and the sealing) at the Student Affairs Group, Student Services Division during the designated period in the first term after entering ICU


Precautions for concurrent application (to apply for more than one type of scholarship/admission) 

1. Application for both ICU Peace Bell Scholarship and ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship

1Application documents

Please submit application documents listed in 3-2) as above, and along with it also submit Form 1-2 and Form2 (you can download it from the link here: of the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship application forms.

And please be sure to put a checkmark next to “併願 (concurrent application)” in the section to choose the type of scholarship on the form 1-1.

2Type of scholarship the applicant qualifies for

The applicant can qualify for either one of the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship or ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship.

2. Application for both General Admissions type A and B 

1Application documents

Please submit only one set of application documents for General Admissions.

2Type of scholarship the applicant qualifies for

The decision on the application for the scholarship will be made for each type of General Admissions. The application adopted in the admission type A may not necessarily be adopted in type B; the application rejected in type A may be adopted in type B. The scholarship that the applicant is offered in one of the two types cannot be applied to the application for the other type.


For inquiry regarding the scholarship, please contact:

Student Affairs Group

Student Services Division

International Christian University

Tel: 0422-33-3068





    Q1I would like to apply for more than one form of entrance examination (ex. Sogogata Sembatsu  and General Admissions). May I apply for the             scholarship all together?

 A1You need to carry out the application procedure for each of the form of entrance examination you will be applying for.

       Q2If I will be selected as a scholar, for how many years will the qualification as a scholar be valid?

 A2ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship will be valid only during AY2021. If you cancel the entrance into ICU, your qualification as a scholar   will also be canceled, and it cannot be carried over to the next year or after, either.

       Q3May I apply for more than one type of scholarship?

 A3You may also apply for the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship if you satisfy the requirement for application.  However, you cannot receive the ICU   Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship if you are selected as a scholar of the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship. No restriction will be imposed upon any   overlapping receipt of scholarships of outside institutions; please confirm the terms and conditions of each scholarship system by yourself.

       Q4My parents are living abroad, and I cannot obtain their income certificates issued by the municipal office.

 A4Please ask your parents’ places of work to issue the certificate of income that can substitute for the one issued by the municipal office. Or tax payment certificate issued by the public institution can be valid too. Either way, they must cover all the items below in English or Japanese.

Total amount of the wage paid from January 1st until December 31st, 2019.

Specification of the dependents (number of the dependents on tax low such as wife/husband, children, parents)

If either of the parents has no income (for being housewife/husband etc.), that person must be specified as a dependent of the spouse on the certificate of income issued by the spouse’s place of work.

*Please consult the Student Affairs Group if it is difficult to prepare certificates of those forms.

       Q5I have only one parent, and I cannot submit the income certificates of both of my parents’.

 A5Basically you can certify that you are a child with only one parent living if that parent’s income certificate shows a mark or the deduction   amount in the section of widow/widower/special widow. Please submit the income certificate of only the parent of the same household. If you apply   as a child with only one parent living despite that that is not specified in the income certificate, you need to explain the circumstances (free format)  on the separately attached sheet.

 Q6 Can I have my application documents returned?

 A6We don’t return the application documents to the applicant whatever the reason may be. Please take the proper application procedure after   understanding it. 

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