Graduate School Scholarship for New Students (for M.A. Course only)

(1) Purpose
To enhance student life and research, we offer the ICU Graduate School Scholarship for New Students in the Master’s Course, which requires no return payments. The application and selection process for this scholarship are conducted simultaneously with regular admission selection (at the time when application materials are submitted).

(2) Eligibility
- An applicant with an especially strong desire to enter ICU Graduate School Master’s Course
- An applicant who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement but has difficulty completing coursework for financial reasons. For merit-based scholarships the gross annual income of the applicant and his/her spouse should not exceed JPY5,360,000*1 (approx. USD53,600). However, exceptions will be considered in special cases.

(3) Amount of scholarship AY2019
Equivalent to the tuition and facilities fees for the first term of the student’s first year
 Master's Course Natural Sciences Program JPY 451,000
 Other Programs JPY 413,000

※This scholarship cannot be used to pay the Non-Resident Fee. If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the university in the first term of the first year, the scholarship will be canceled.

(4) Number of slots available
 40

(5) Method of payment
 Tuition and facilities fees for new students’ first term are exempted. Since the scholarship is granted as a fee waiver, no cash is awarded.

(6) How to apply
     (Handbook)    (Page 30)

1  Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) standard for Type 2 scholarship