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Financial support you can apply for TOGETHER WITH APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION to ICU

There are three scholarships for which you can apply for together with application for admission: ICU Peace Bell Scholarship, ICU Torch Relay High Endeavor Scholarship, and ICU Torch Relay Graduate School Scholarship for New Students.

  This scholarship seeks students who will be a role model for their four years at ICU before they enroll.   Based on letters of recommendation and entrance exam results, such students will be named “Peace Bell Scholars.”  Scholars will receive 1,000,000 JPY per year for four years (the standard length of time it takes to graduate from ICU).  
  This scholarship was established with contributions from alumni, faculty, staff, and others who support ICU.  Students who are named Scholars are required to submit both term reports and annual reports and maintain grades suitable for “Peace Bell Scholars.”  Applications are submitted at the same time as entrance exam applications.
  This scholarship financially supports incoming students whose first choice is ICU and who take Undergraduate Admissions.
Recipients are determined before enrollment and will have the Matriculation Fee as well as 1/3 of both the annual tuition and facilities fee waived.

ICU Torch Relay Graduated School Scholarship for New Students(for Master's Course students only)
  This scholarship is for those who have a strong desire to enroll in ICU's Master's Course, have great financial need, and considered to be high achievers. It is awarded in accordance with the following, and there is no obligation to refund the money.