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Financial support you can apply for after enrollment


ICU Torch Relay Scholarship for Current Students
ICU offers a variety of scholarships for students who have the desire to learn but also have financial need.  Of these, the ICU Torch Relay Scholarship for Current Students have no repayment obligation.  Applicants undergo a review of their academic qualifications and financial situation.  Recipients receive a maximum of 1/3 of the annual tuition, which is applied to tuition payments.
Details are announced to current students via ICU Torch Relay Scholarship for Current Students on ICU Portal.(Information only available in Japanese)
FOI Scholarships
FOI, or Friends of ICU, is a fundraising organization established and operated by ICU.  Raised funds are used to offer several types of scholarships, which have different qualifications to apply in accordance with contributors’ wishes.  One scholarship seeks applicants in April, and the other four seek applicants in September, both via announcements on ICU Portal.  Scholarship amounts range from 200,000 JPY to 1,200,000 JPY.  There is no obligation to reimburse the money.

Grants for Research Presentations for Graduate Students
Graduate students presenting their research to an academic society are eligible for a grant of 30,000 JPY per presentation. Grants may be awarded up to two (2) times to master’s students and up to three (3) times to doctoral students during their respective normative times. To students registered beyond their respective normative times, grants may be awarded once per academic year.There is no obligation to reimburse the money. Details are announced to current students via Grants for Research Presentations (Graduate Students) on ICU Portal.

Research Scholarships for Doctoral Course Students
The purpose of these scholarships is to support research activities and cultivate powers of understanding of doctoral students.  They are awarded once per academic year for a maximum of three years, within the standard period of residency.  The scholarship amount is 127,000 JPY. Applications are accepted for about a week following the registration day for each term.
Those who are receiving full scholarships, for example, Monbu-kagakusho Scholarship(Kokuhi) , are not eligible to apply.  Details are announced to current students via Research Scholarships for Doctoral Students on ICU Portal.

Financial aid offered by public and private organizations
Public and private organizations offer financial aid (scholarship and loan) to students with financial need.  Information on the financial aid is uploaded on ICU Portal on a regular basis.  Interview and documentary screening by the university officials are required before sending your application to the organization unless otherwise indicated. You may get in touch with the organization for yourself, in the case they has no contact with ICU.  

You will borrow money by using the following loan programs, which means you will need to pay back the whole amount plus interest, that should start soon after graduation from ICU.  You should plan well ahead before using the loan.  Most of the loan programs are for Japanese nationals and foreign residents with a resident status of "Permanent Resident".  Paperwork should be done completely in Japanese. 

ICU Long-Term Loans
ICU is the guarantor for ICU Long-Term Loans.  Students can borrow up to the annual tuition amount (including the facilities fee) at a low interest rate (interest-free while enrolled) from a partner bank in their own name.
The repayment period is 20 years from the time of the initial contact and begins after graduation.  ICU pays the interest while students are enrolled.  Applications are accepted every term, and almost everyone who applies is approved for a loan.
Details are announced to current students via ICU Long-Term Loans (Japanese site only) on ICU Portal.

ICU Alumni Association: Yuasa, Hosoki Memorial Awards(Interest Free Student Loans)
ICU Alumni Association provides interest-free and loan-based scholarship to current students.  Applications are accepted twice per year (May, October).  This scholarship provides up to 1,000,000 JPY .  The repayment deadline is either the day 5 years after the day of employment, or the day 10 years after the day of graduation, whichever is earlier.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Loans
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), an Independent Administrative Institution, provides loans.  There are two types, “Category 1,” which are interest-free loans, and “Category 2,” which bear interest loans.  In principle, recipients receive a set amount every month, deposited into an account designated by the recipient, until the end of the normative time for graduation.
The repayment deadline is within 20 years after graduation.  (The exact deadline depends on the amount borrowed.)
The monthly loan amount depends on the year of enrollment.  In the case of those who enrolled in AY2017, the amounts were as follows.
An information session on how to apply is held in early April.  After enrollment, please check the announcements on ICU Portal.
Monthly amount 
Category 1 Loans (interest-free)
      Undergraduate: select 20,000JPY, 30,000JPY, 40,000JPY; 54,000 JPY (living at home);
                                        or 20,000JPY, 30,000JPY, 40,000JPY, 54,000JPY;64,000 JPY (living away from home)
      Master’s Course: select 50,000 JPY or 88,000 JPY
      Doctoral Course: select 80,000 JPY or 122,000 JPY
Category 2 Loans (interest-bearing)
      Undergraduate: select 20,000JPY; 30,000JPY; 40,000JPY; 50,000JPY; 60,000JPY; 70,000JPY; 80,000JPY; 
                                         90,000JPY; 100,000JPY; 110,000JPY or 120,000JPY
      Graduate: select 50,000 JPY; 80,000 JPY; 100,000 JPY; 130,000 JPY; or 150,000 JPY

Japan Finance Corporation (Japanese Government Education Loans)
Japan Finance Corporation is a public corporation wholly owned by the Japanese government, established in October 2008.
“Japanese Government Education Loans” were introduced in 1979 in order to decrease the financial burden of families and provide equal opportunities for education.
A student may borrow up to 3,000,000 JPY.  Loans may be used for a wide variety of expenses, such as payments to educational institutions, costs associated with taking entrance exams, costs associated with living quarters, textbooks, personal computers, transportation to and from educational institutions, and Japan Pension Service premiums.
For details, please click here.