Tuition Reduction Scholarship for International(Non-Japanese) Students

This Scholarship is for self-financed international students with high academic performance and serious financial need.

Those with foreign nationality and whose resident status is "Student".
Those educated in a foreign educational system and approved by the Dean of Students as someone who conforms to the above. 
Those of Regular status student within 4 years from matriculation,
or Transfer status student within 2 or 3 years from matriculation,
or Graduate student within 2 years (M.A. course) from matriculation
Those deemed academically superior during the admission process,
or have an overall grade point average (GPA) or at least 2.70. 

           * Students are asked to have an interview with Student Affairs Group(office) beforehand in order to check their eligibility. 

Amount of Scholarship
1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or full amount of annual tuition

Scholarship Period
One academic year

Spring Term or Autumn Term
Application documents are available on and after Course Registration Day of the terms.                                                                                     

Screeening Methods
         Documentary screening and Interview