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You need to have a bank account in Japan to pay the tuition and/or receive a scholarship.  Japan Post Bank(often referred to as Yucho Bank) is highly recommended to ICU students because it has a branch on campus. 



1. Your Residence Card
2. Your passport
3. Your ICU ID Card
4. Personal stamp: Signature instead of a stamp is acceptable to Yucho and some other banks.


1. Your Residence Card should bear a resident permit of more than three months, and your address in Japan registered by the city/ward office. 

2. You will receive your ICU ID Card on or after the day of Matriculation Ceremony.  ICU never issues a student ID card to anybody before the Matriculation no matter what the reason is.   

3. The banks have many requirements for opening an account for foreigners to prevent crimes related to financial services.  They may require you more than the usual time/days to have an account because of unpredictable reasons.

4. Mizuho Bank, one of the ‘mega-banks’ in Japan, has its ATM on campus, so it could be your second choice.  Mizuho Bank, however, requires foreigners to stay in Japan for six(6) months or more before the foreigners can open an account.  You should have an account of Yucho Bank first if you are a foreign national and need to make money transactions in the first six months after your arrival in Japan.  As for other banks, you need to ask each one for help because they have different guidelines to deal with international customers.  

       ・GI Bill
        ICU's undergraduate degree-seeking course (4 years) is approved by the VA to use the GI Bill.  Master's course in education 
       major is approved  by the VA.  If you would like to pursue a Master's degree with the help of GI Bill in the areas other than 
       education, please first contact the Student Affairs Group.  ICU needs to ask for an approval by VA to use the VA benefit in 
        your major.  

        1. Please check your eligibility on the VA site.
         VA Benefits
        2. You are responsible for initiating the application process for the benefits.  ICU helps you complete the documentation on your request.
        3. VA sends the designated amount of tuition in US dollars to the university if the payment should be made to the university.  ICU shall transfer the received         amount in Japanese yen to you to ask you to pay the tuition and facilities fee to the university at the designated amount in Japanese yen.  If you are to                 receive the GI Bill directly from VA, you should pay the academic fees to ICU at the designated amount in Japanese yen. 

        The VA policy regarding the fluctuation in the exchange rate is:

        'If an underpayment was created based on the exchange rate, the amount due to the school is the responsibility of the student.

        If an overpayment was created based on the exchange rate, you(the university) would refund the amount directly to the student.'