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Financial Aid

       ・If you have a plan to use the VA Benefits including GI Bill, please note the followings. 
        ICU's undergraduate degree-seeking course (4 years) is approved by the VA to use the GI Bill.  Master's course in education major is approved         by the VA.  If you would like to pursue a Master's degree with the help of GI Bill in the areas other than education, please first contact the                 Student Affairs Group.  ICU needs to ask for an approvement by VA to use the VA benefit in your major.  

        1. Please check your eligibility on the VA site.
         VA Benefits
        2. You are responsible for initiating the application process for the benefits.  ICU helps you complete the documentation on your request.
        3. VA sends the designated amount of tuition in US dollars to the university if the payment should be made to the university.  ICU shall transfer the received         amount in Japanese yen to you to ask you to pay the tuition and facilities fee to the university at the designated amount in Japanese yen.  If you are to                 receive the GI Bill directly from VA, you should pay the academic fees to ICU at the designated amount in Japanese yen. 

        The VA policy regarding the fluctuation in the exchange rate is:

        'If an underpayment was created based on the exchange rate, the amount due to the school is the responsibility of the student.

        If an overpayment was created based on the exchange rate, you(the university) would refund the amount directly to the student.'