Momi House, Maple House

  Momi House and Maple House are equipped with 6 seminar rooms and a common living & dining area on the spacious first floor. These spaces will be open to commuting students and faculty for learning and community activities.

  The second floor and above are residential areas with 32 residents per floor, consisting of approximately eight students from each year. Each floor has 12 double-occupancy rooms for first to third year students, and 8 single rooms for seniors who need to concentrate on their graduation theses and job search. There are more double-occupancy rooms than single rooms based on students' feedback that sharing a room is the best part of dorm life. Some higher floors mainly have single rooms to accommodate graduate students and students with diverse needs. 
  The second floors are for men only and the third to fifth floors are for women only. The sixth and seventh floors are mixed-gender floors

  A spacious common area including a kitchen, dining room, social room, study rooms, showers and laundry rooms is located at the center of each floor. This is to encourage Japanese students and international students with diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds as well as personalities and ways of thinking to interact on a daily basis.
Dormitory Facilities and Equipment
In each resident's room
bed, mattress, desk, chair, file cabinet, bookshelf, desk lamp, closet, air-conditioner, full-length mirror

On Each floor
【Study Room】 : desks, chairs, whiteboard
【Kitchen / Dining Room】 : refrigerator, microwave ovens, oven toasters, induction cooktops, rice cookers, cupboard, kitchen utensils, dishes, tables, chairs
【Social Room】 : TV, table, sofa
【Laundry Room】 : washing machines (100 yen/load), drying machines (100 yen/20 minutes), iron, ironing board
                               * coim-operated washing machines and drying machines
【Drying Room】 : laundry pole
【Others】 : shower rooms (no bathtub), bathrooms, washbasins, storage room, vacuum

Common facilities in the dormitory (1st floor)
  There are seminar rooms, common living & dining area, a lounge, a Japanese-style room, a shower room with Japanese-style bathtub, an infirmary, reception, mail boxes, delivery boxes and vending machines on the spacious first floor. 

Common facilities outside of dormitory
Bicycle parking space, garbage collection site
* All air-conditioned rooms.
* Wi-Fi available

What to bring
Toiletries, laundry basket, towels, clothes hangers, room slippers and other personal belongings for your comfort are necessary.

As a basic rule, residents of Momi House and Maple House are required to use the Bedding Lease & Linen Supply Service because the storage, laundry and drying space is limited.
 * The rental bedding fee is included in the dormitory fee.

Duties and Rules
 In order to keep the dormitory clean, there are duties such as cleaning (e.g. washing and putting the kitchen utensils and dishes back in its place) in each dormitory. Residents should follow the rules of the dormitory as well as cooperate with each other to organize their rooms and communal area and maintain cleanliness in the dormitory. Although professional cleaners clean up the common use areas of the dormitories, dormitory members should cooperate with each other to maintain cleanliness.
  Dormitory meetings are held in each dormitory. Various matters concerning the dorm will be discussed in this meeting in order to make the dorm running smoothly. Attendance at these meetings is part of your requirements as a dormitory resident so be sure to participate.
*There are dormitories that set some kind of penalty for being absent from the meetings or neglecting duties.

① Curfew (except graduate students)
  Residents must return to the dormitory by 12 midnight. If for unavoidable reasons residents are not able to return to the dormitory before curfew, residents must take appropriate procedures..

② Spending the night outside the dormitory
 If residents will not be spending the night in the dormitory (including returning to one’s parents’ home), they must inform in advance.

③ Visitors
 Visits from non-residents are in principle prohibited. However, in the following cases, visitors may enter.
   (1)Family members of residents on move-in day
   (2)Persons who have been approved by the Dean of Students
   And if residents follow the rules below, then ICU students residing elsewhere may enter the residential floors of Momi House and Maple House for the time being.

④ Residents are prohibited from taking the following actions.
1)  Using students’ residential rooms in any ways other than those stipulated as its objectives
2)  Smoking in the dormitory or its environs
3)  Underage drinking (legal drinking age is 20 years old)
4)  Drinking and becoming a nuisance to others. Forcing others to drink.
5)  Keeping animals in the dormitory or its environs
6)  Bringing unpermitted electrical appliances, furniture, etc. into the dormitory.