Global House

The Global House was built as part of a project to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of International Christian University, aiming to provide an international, Christian, and democratic residential environment for university students.

 Founded as the “University of Tomorrow” in the middle of the 20th century, today ICU greets the 21st century, in which the problems of “tomorrow” involve not only the way different nations should relate to each other, but the way people should live as “Global Citizens.”

 Out of the hope that people from all parts of the globe will come together in this building to create a “community without borders,” the building has been given the name “Global House.”

Committee for the Construction of Global House
June, 2001

Dormitory Facilities and Equipment
◇ In the individual student rooms of each unit (4 rooms per unit) 
Bookshelf, closet, desk, chair, file cabinet, desk lamp, WiFi, TV antenna hookup, bed, mattress, chest of drawers

◇ In the common living space of each unit 
[Living Room] (1 per unit): table, chairs, WiFi, TV antenna hookup, intercom
[Kitchenette] (1 per unit): induction cooktop, microwave oven, refrigerator, hanging shelves and cupboard
[Wash basin and shower room] (1 per unit): washing machine
[Unit entrance area]: shoe shelves

◇ Other common facilities in the dormitory 
 Entrance lobby, lounge, mail boxes, drying room, bath, study room, storage room, rooftop area for hanging laundry

◇ Common facilities outside of dormitory
 Bicycle parking space, garbage collection site
* There is a supervisor’s office beside the entrance of Global House.

What to Bring
 Stationery, toiletries, towels, clothes hangers, medicines, room slippers and other personal belongings for your comfort are
 The information on bedding lease and linen supply service will be sent to the students accepted for entry to the dormitories.
Contract should be renewed annually.

 Although dormitory supervisors clean the common use areas such as the lounge, study room, common use bathroom, and hallways, and around the dormitory, students of each unit should cooperate with each other to share the duties such as cleaning the kitchenette, living room, shower room, and bathroom.
  Each member is expected to participate in monthly dormitory meetings. There is some kind of penalty for being absent from the meetings. Also, there are many activities within a dormitory and among the undergraduate dormitories which participation is voluntary but will help promote friendship and enjoyable.

① Curfew
      There is no curfew in Global House.
② Visitors
     Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
     Visitors are forbidden to stay overnight.
③ Drinking
      Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in the dormitory, except for within the units themselves.
④ Smoking
      Smoking is prohibited throughout the dormitory.
⑤  Compensation for room key
      Compensation must be made for lost or broken room key.

Annual Events of Global House
Spring Term  
 April Welcoming Events for April Students
 May        Okada Cup (football tournament : male)
 June Election of committee members
          Farewell Party for September Students
 July         Summer recess (dormitories closed)
 August Summer recess (dormitories closed)
Autumn Term  
 September Welcoming Events for September Students
 October         Dormitory Festival
                        ICU Festival (sell food at a booth)
 November       End of Term Party
Winter Term  
 December Caroling
                       Christmas Party
 January         Election of committee members
                       Okada Cup (football tournament : male)
                        Rice cake making party
 March         Farewell Party for April Students

  1. Above schedule is subject to change.
  2. During the term, dormitory meetings are held once a month and it is mandatory to attend these meetings.
  3. There are other events within the dorm and among the other dormitories.