Common Rules and General Matters

1. Period of Residency

(1)  The period of stay shall be limited to the minimum number of years required to complete the curriculum in the College, and the standard period of residence for the Graduate School.
* Those students who are enrolled in beyond the standard period of residence are not qualified to remain in the dormitory.

2. Cancellation of Qualifications for Residency
 The Dean of Students may cancel the qualifications for residing in the dormitory for either of the following reasons.
(1) If false statements were found to have been made on the application for entrance.
(2) If dorm fees are not paid.
(3) If registration for classes are not made.
(4) If a student violates the University regulations or major hindrance is caused to management or community life of the dorm.

3. Dormitory Open Period and Closing for the Summer
 Students can stay in the dormitories for ten months within the year in accordance with the university calendar. During the summer vacation (July and August), most of the dormitories will be closed. During the closed period the dormitories may go under renovation or be used as housing facilities for university programs such as Summer Courses in Japanese and students are required to vacate the dormitories. However, designated dormitory may remain open during this period for the students who will continue living in the dormitories from September and wish to remain over the summer.
 Generally, all the dormitories are open during the autumn, winter and spring recess.

4. Moving out of the Dormitory
(1) Specified due date for moving out
      Spring Term : On or the next day of the June commencement
      Autumn Term : November 30th
      Winter Term : On or the next day of the March commencement
(2) Residents who take a leave of absence or withdraw from ICU or study abroad are to move out of the dormitory.
(3) Those who are moving out of the dormitory before the term expiration must submit the "Application for Withdrawal from the Dormitory" to the Housing office, no later than one month prior to the intended date of withdrawal. Even if moving out in the middle of the term for any unavoidable reason, dormitory fees will not be refunded.

5. Returning to the dormitory
As a basic rule, only students who take part in ICU’s exchange program can return to the dormitory by submitting the following documents. (Excluding studying abroad other than ICU’s exchange program or taking leave of absence.)
(1) Application for withdrawal from Dormitory
(2) Application for Re-entry to Dormitory.

6. Dormitory Admission Fee and Dormitory Fees
(1) Upon your entry to the dormitories, every student must pay the dormitory admission fee.
(2) Dormitory fee consists of "room charge" and "other charges". "Other charges" covers such costs as utility and Internet fee. The fee may be revised every year.
(3) The dormitory fee must be paid per term in one payment in Japanese yen cash.
(4) For payment of your very first dormitory fee (dormitory admission fee and autumn term fee) please use the university's prescribed payment form to be provided after the opening date of the dormitory, and make payment by the end of September at the Yucho bank.
(5) For payment of the second term on, the Finance and Accounting Group will notify you of the details regarding payment together with your tuition fees. Please be sure to pay your dormitory fees by the prescribed due date, and in accordance with the specified procedures.

    *Each dormitory collects small amount of money for the purpose of buying newspapers and other materials.
    *Any admission fee or dormitory fees you have paid will not be refunded to you, regardless of your reason for moving out from the dormitory.

7. Dormitory Supervisors and Neighbors
 There are live-in dormitory supervisors to oversee the dormitory’s management and operations as well as the mental and physical well being of its residents. They live on-campus to cope with emergency situations.
 There are residences for supervisors alongside the Fourth Women's Dormitory and on the first floor of Zelkova, Ginkgo, Oak and Momi/Maple House.

8. Meals
 A kitchen is available in each dormitory for preparing light meals.
Residents may also make use of the University Dining Hall (fees not included in the dormitory fee).
The opening hours of the University Dining Hall is as follows.

【During the university terms】
    Monday through Friday                    7:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
    Saturdays                                         8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
    Sundays, and Holidays                     9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
【Between the university terms】
    Monday through Friday                     9:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
    Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays    9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Boxed lunch, rice balls, breads, snacks, and instant noodles are also available at Diffendorfer Memorial Hall (west wing).

9. Commitment for Maintaining the Dormitory Environment
Dormitory students must cooperate with each other to maintain cleanliness in their rooms and communal area in the dormitory.

10. Compensation for Damages
In the event that any of the facilities or equipment in the dormitory are damaged or destroyed, the individual or individuals responsible are as a rule required to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

11. Other Matters
(1)  Possession of vehicles is prohibited.
(2)  No pets are allowed in the dormitory.
(3)  Use of products causing fire (incense, candles, fireworks, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
(4)  Room change will take place periodically.

Dormitory Locations