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Sibley House

  Sibley House is a dormitory for graduate students, located next to the Third Women’s Dormitory in a shady, wooded area. Sibley House accommodates a total of 19 graduate students and spouses, nine single women, who reside on the first floor, and five married couples without children on the second floor.
  Dormitory duties are shared among all Sibley House members. Besides dormitory duties, overall responsibility for the care and smooth management of the dormitory is also shared on a rotation basis, through the duty of “Dormitory Representative.”  One resident is appointed for a six-months to a year period to carry out this important duty.

-Floor Plan-

Dormitory Facilities and Equipment
◇In each room
   Bed, mattress, desk, chair, file cabinet, chest of drawers,
   bookshelf, closet
* There is also a small kitchen, table, chairs, and bathroom in the apartments.

◇In the common living space (first floor)
[Social Room]: sofa, table, TV, air conditioner
[Kitchenette]: induction cooktop, microwave oven
[Laundry Room]: washing machine, drying machine
[Entrance]: mail boxes, message board, phone just for incoming calls, shoe shelves

◇In the space for drying laundry (second floor)
  Iron, ironing board

◇Other common facilities in the dormitory
Wash basin and shower room with Japanese-style bath tub (for first floor residents only), bathroom,
storage room, rooftop area for hanging laundry

◇Common facilities outside of dormitory
  Bicycle parking space, garbage collection site
* Light meals can be prepared in the kitchenette .
* Air-conditioner is only in the Social Room.  Please be aware that the use of the heating system and the boilers are restricted to certain hours.
* Wi-Fi available

What to Bring
  Stationery, toiletries, towels, clothes hangers, medicines, room slippers and other personal belongings for your comfort are necessary.
  The information on bedding lease and linen supply service will be sent to the students accepted for entry to the dormitory.
Contract should be renewed annually.
  Residents should cooperate with each other to share the duties such as answering the phone, keeping the dormitory a secure place, and other matters concerning daily life.
Professional cleaners clean the communal space three days a week such as the social room, kitchenette, common bathing area, common use bathroom, hallways, and around the dormitory.
Each member is expected to participate in monthly dormitory meetings.  Attendance at these meetings is part of your requirements as a dormitory resident so be sure to participate.
① Visitors
  First floor female residents may not escort opposite sex visitors to their rooms.
  Visitors are forbidden to stay overnight.
② Smoking
  Smoking is prohibited throughout the dormitory, except in the designated smoking areas.