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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (Dormitories)

If my current residence is close to campus, is that a disadvantage?  If it is far from campus, is that an advantage?

A: Selection is based on a comprehensive review of your current residence, personal statement, and family financial situation.  Distance from campus alone is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.

What are the selection criteria?

A: The documents you submit will be comprehensively reviewed.  Please write concretely and in detail what you will bring to the dorm community and why you would like to live in the dorms.  How you can contribute to the dorm community is also a selection criterion.

Can I select my desired dorm?

A: Please apply after also deciding your second choice, etc.  If your first choice is not available, you may be assigned to your second choice, or you may not be able to move in to a dorm depending on the number of applicants, etc.  In past years, Global House has had the most applicants, and competition has been keen.

Is it possible to stay in the dorms during summer break?

A: All dorm residents shall temporarily move out of the dorms.  During that time, a different dorm will be available for those who would like to continue staying in the dorms, for a fee.

If I study abroad as an exchange student while at ICU, will I be able to return to the dorms upon my return?

A: Yes. However, if you study abroad privately and you move out of the dorms, you will need to reapply.  

Is there a curfew?

A: Every dorm except Global House has a curfew.  For safe management, Zelkova House, Gingko House and Oak House use card keys that record entry and exit.  Global House does not have a curfew.

May I invite friends who do not live in the dorms into my room?

A: In principle, those who do not live in the dorms are not allowed to enter them.  Depending on the dorm, non-residents may enter some areas.  Such areas differ depending on the dorm.

Is there a dorm manager / dorm mother?

A: Zelkova House, Gingko House,Oak House, Momi House and Maple House have dedicated dorm manager couples on-site. Other dorms do not; instead they have dorm manager couples that oversee them.  All dorm manager couples manage facilities and also address concerns of dorm residents.