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Safety on Campus

Use of Campus Buildings
1. There are fixed opening and closing times for each building.
2. If you are the last person to leave a classroom or other room, please be sure to close the door behind you.
3. Regardless of time, please refrain from making loud noises or speaking in an overly loud voice. Please be especially careful of this point in areas where classes are held.
4. Except in case of emergencies, it is strictly prohibited to go out on any of the buildings' roofs or the emergency stairs located outside the Honkan (University Hall).

Fire prevention
1. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas where ashtrays are placed.
2. Bonfires and fireworks are prohibited on campus.
3. If you see or have caused a fire, take the following steps:
(a)In a loud voice, advise people in the area that there is a fire.
(b)Call the fire department (119) from a movile phone or from any phone that can make outside calls. After calling the fire department, call the Security Ofie (0422-33-3110). If you can only find internal phones within the university, call the Security Office at extension 3110 and ask them to call the 119 emergency response number.
(c)Until someone from the Security Office arrives, make every effort to put out the fire by using the fire extinguisher.

Opening/Closing times for campus gates
The campus has four gates (east, west, south and north), with fixed opening and closing times for each gate.
Main gate (east):5:00-24:00
*One of the main gate's 2 side entrances is open throughout the day.
West gate:7:00-21:00
South gate:7:00-22:30
North gate:7:00-21:00