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Be aware of Dishonest Business Practice

There has been a dramatic increase in fraudulent activities in Japan. In particular, young people living on their own for the first time and students just entering university are often targets.
These kinds of scams often begin with promises of "good part-time work", "earning money just by getting your friends to join", or "rewarding network business." The propositions may have a lengthy solicitation process and ask you to sell health or cosmetic products or force you to take out a student loan through a consumer finance scheme.
Recently, people running such scams give fictitious company names or say they are from a collections agency and ask for money to pay unpaid phone bills or pay for websites you visited that charge mony for using. If you have no idea what they are talking about then you are under no obligation to pay. If someone tries to extract money from you in a way that seems improper, visit your nearest police station or consumer protection center.

Be careful of the following:
-Be protective of your personal information, including your name, address, phone number, etc.
-When refusing offers, be clear and firm.
-If you have had an experience with such fraudulent activities, it is possible to dissolve a contract within the stipulated "cooling off" period.
 Door-to-door sales: 8-day "cooling-off" period
 Telemarketing sales: 8 days
 Multilevel marketing (pyramid sales): 20days
 Extended services (including classes and other services): 8days
 Business opportunity-related sales transactions: 20-day use of building
-To cancel sales contracts, do so by letter and send by content-certified mail or by post-card and copy both sides and send by registered mail.
-If the transaction involves a credit card then you must also inform your credit card company.

To report any fraudulent activities or for more information about such, visit the following websites or call the phone numbers shown to ask any questions.

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

Tokyo Consumer Center
15-17F Central Plaza Building, Kaguragashi 1-1, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0823
Phone:03-3235-1155 (9:00-16:00, closed Sundays)

Mitaka Consumer Center
Shimo Renjaku 3-22-7, Mitaka Tokyo 181-0013
Phone:0422-47-9042 (10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00, closed Saturdays and Sundays)