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Bicycle on Campus

  ICU aims to promote a safe and pleasant environment for cycling both on and off campus. Despite repeatedly advising students about cycling to school, ICU continues to receive complaints about cyclists’ manners from residents living in the areas surrounding campus.
  There have been instances where students were hurt due to reckless use of bicycles and as of 1 December 2013 Japan’s laws on operating bicycles have become stricter. Not only are violations more severely punished but there have in recent years been high-cost liability claims made against individuals causing bicycle accidents. As such, it is expected that bicycles be used responsibly.
  All students with bicycles are advised to give full consideration to the risk of traffic accidents, abide all traffic regulations both on and off campus, help preserve the environment by parking bicycles properly, and cycle with care and consideration for pedestrians and residents of the communities neighboring the campus.
  At ICU, all students who cycle on campus must register their bicycles. For more information on how to register your bicycle, please check the ICU intranet (ICU Portal).
  When you register your bicycle you will be given a map of where you may park your bicycle on campus. Bicycles must be parked only in these locations. Bicycles left outside these locations will be moved to an available bicycle parking area. Bicycles that appear to be abandoned will have a notification attached to it and then be disposed of after period indicated on the notification.

When Cycling, Note the Following
 Please cycle safely and in accordance with the law. Also, please recognize the possibility of injuries in case of an accident and take out liability insurance for yourself.

-For Safe Cycling-
Be sure to obey the following laws:
  • No cycling after drinking alcohol. Penalty: prison up to 5 years or fine up to \1 million.
  • No 2-person riding. Penalty: fine up to \20,000.
  • No riding side-by-side. Penalty: fine up to \20,000.
  • Lights must be operational at night. Penalty for violation: fine up to \50,000.
  • Traffic lights must be obeyed. Penalty for violation: prison up to 3 months or fine up to \50,000.
  • No operating bicycle while holding umbrella or using mobile phone. Penalty: fine up to \50,000.
   Cycling while listening to headphones is dangerous and should be avoided.
   Please visit the Police Department’s website for information on how operate bicycles.

   *If You Are Involved in an Accident
If you are involved in an accident, caused by you or someone else, remain calm.

Contact the police
Proceed immediately to the nearest police station or police box. The next day, inform the Students Services Division (0422-33-3065).

Help anyone injured
If you or anyone else is seriously injured, contact the fire department and request an ambulance.

Behaving in good faith
If you hurt someone else and are asked to accept liability, you should sincerely apologize and then inform your insurance provider and receive instructions.