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Automobile on Campus

The Campus Traffic Regulations prohibit student vehicles (including motorcycles) from entering the university campus. No vehicle will be allowed to enter without permission from the University. Anyone wishing to enter by his/her vehicle should apply and get approved as follows.
1. Registration
Students who meet the following conditions may be given permission to enter by vehicles after they have completed the registration as follows:
1) Those who are physically handicapped and/or incur extreme difficulty in using public transportation.
2) Those who find it extremely difficult to use public transportation because of the place they live in.
3) Those who remain on campus for research or laboratory work until midnight and can no longer return home by public transportation (applicable only to graduate students).
Application for special permission can be made as follows:
Application Period:
February (for September entering students: September). Details will be posted on the bulletin boards in advance.
Office in Charge:
Student Affairs Group (1st floor, Administration Bldg.)
Registration Fee:
Parking Fee:
¥4,800 per year (¥1,200 per year for a motorcycle)
¥1,600 per term (¥400 per term for a motorcycle)

2. Temporary Entry
If students wish to enter the campus by car on a temporary basis for the purpose of conducting research or laboratory work until midnight, or for the transportation of equipment for sports and club activities, etc., they should apply for permission at the Student Affairs Group at least one week in advance. Permission may be given upon examination at the Student Affairs Group. (Those permitted can park at Parking A, which will charge ¥50 every 60 minutes for a car and ¥100 per day for a motorcycle.)

3. Drive with Appropriate License
If you wish to drive a vehicle in Japan, you will need to understand Japanese traffic laws, rules and regulations, and must obtain a license valid in Japan as well as sufficient insurance. In case of accident, not only yourself, but other people may be injured as well, and liability can be extremely expensive. If you do not understand Japanese traffic laws, rules and regulations, you must NOT drive.