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Campus Rules

  • Bicycle on Campus
  • No smoking on campus
  • No drinking on campus
    Drinking alcohol is prohibited on campus.  You must be over 20 years old if you wish to drink alcohol in Japan.                                      
    No binge drinking.  Never force drinking.  
  • No Drug Possession 
    Usage or possession of "drugs" such as marijuana, hemp, cannabis, and cocaine are absolutely illegal in Japan.
    Application of the Narcotic Control Law is very strict in Japan and penalties are severe, including detention for more than three(3) weeks at least.    
    The University punishes students for the crime by dismissal or withdrawal from the university.  
  • Garbage Separation
    Separate garbage according to the rules set by Mitaka City.  Do not mix the different types of garbage: combustible, incombustible,recyclable waste, PET containers, bottles and cans.  Check the sign on garbage box to know if it is the appropriate box for it.  

  • Automobile on Campus
  • Maintaining a Good Environment at ICU
  • Posting Boxes to Collect Questionnaire Response Sheets
  • Safety on Campus
  • Be aware of Dishonest Business Practice
  • Beware of suspicious solicitations
    We have recently been informed that ICU students have been approached by suspicious organizations and asked to take part in questionable business activities. And we have been informed that students have been asked to take part in questionable business activities such as asking friends and acquaintances to buy expensive goods or register the as sales people. It seems this has happened both on and off campus. Therefore we ask all students to please take care of such individuals.
    If you are approached by a questionable organization or invited to take part in questionable business activities, or, if you see someone approached in such a way or who is having trouble evading a individual making suspicious solicitations, please contact the Student Services Division immediately (tel: 0422-33-3071, E-mail: sa-office@icu.ac.jp).