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Off-Campus Part-Time Job (アルバイト)

When you wish to work part-time off campus, it is necessary to thoroughly check the job conditions before signing the contract to avoid any troubles. Also, please be careful to avoid dangerous part-time jobs and jobs that are not appropriate for students.

1. Off-Campus Part-Time Job Information Available at ICU
* Due to the COVID-19, it is currently difficult to continue counter operations for part-time job information at the Student Affairs Group. Therefore, we have stopped accepting job offers for a home tutor from individual clients for the time being.

2. How to Find Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs
An online job searching system, "Part-time Student Job Information Network (a website exclusive for ICU students)," is available, which is presented by National Students Information Center Co., Ltd, ICU’s outsourcing contractor.
This system enables you to search for job offers for ICU students via PC or mobile phone.
If you find a part-time job you wish to apply for, please contact the job employer directly.

<How to Use the Network>
- Visit the “Part-Time Student Job Information Network” (website of ICU’s outsourcing contractor), and register your information.
- You will be able to view job information after registration with your ID and password.
  *It is forbidden to lend your ID and password to any third party.

If you have any doubts about the contents of your employment contract, or if you encounter harassment or financial problems, etc., please contact the National Students Information Center Co., Ltd, at TEL. 03-5466-1236.