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Part-time Job Off-Campus

You must check the terms of the position before signing working contract off-campus at your own responsibilty. 

  ICU provides information on positions as part-time private tutor. You can see a list of positions at Student Affairs Group (Administration Building 1F) during the office hours. 
Positions other than Tutor
 Nasic I Support Co. provides information on part-time positions on line other than private tutor. Students can look for work on this company’s information site: “Arbeit Information Network for Students” (AINES).

Using AINES Before browsing job listings on AINES, students must set up an account with user name and password. Students should not give their user name or password to any other party.

Note: Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of International Christian University. You are responsible for choosing an appropriate job for students.  If you have misgivings about your employment contract or encounter any trouble (harassment, financial trouble, etc.), please contact the Nasic I Support office (03-5466-1236) first and the Students Affairs Group.