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On-Campus Part-Time Job (アルバイト)

Approximately 200 students engage in a part-time job (アルバイト) on campus every month, mainly as administrative assistants in offices as below.(Please understand that the first-year undergraduate students are asked to refrain from working part-time on campus during the first term only. <See STUDENT HANDBOOK>)

When working part-time on campus for the first time, first of all, please register your bank account and "My Number" to receive payment from the University. For more information on it, please refer to “2. Part-time Job Registration [Important]” as follows.
Please note that if you do not register in advance, the University is unable to make a payment of your salary.

1. The List of ICU Offices with Occasional Need for Part-Time Student Staff, and How to Search the Jobs

The following offices occasionally hire students for temporary positions.

< ICU Offices recruiting Part-Time Student Staff>
 - 1st Floor of the Administration Bldg. : Admissions Center, College of Liberal Arts Administration Group, Security Group, Educational Affairs 
                                                                       Group, International Office, and Student Affairs Group
 - 2nd Floor of the Administration Bldg. : Administrative Affairs Group, and Facilities Management Group 
 - Alumni House: Advancement Office
 - Dialogue House: Placement Office, Counseling Center, Housing Office, and
 - Service-Learning Center
 - Diffendorfer Memorial Hall: Religious Center, and Diffendorfer Memorial Hall Office
 - University Hall (“Honkan”): Center for Research Planning and Support, and Sacred Music Center
 - Integrated Learning Center: IT Center, and ELA Office
 - Education & Research Bldg. I: Graduate School Group, Rotary Peace Center, Center for Gender Studies, and Peace Research Institute
 - Education & Research Bldg. II: Research Center for Japanese Language Education
 - Library: Library, and Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
 - Others: Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum, Physical Education Center, SCH Office, and High School Office

<Example of Job Description>
 - Open Campus Student Staff [Department: Public Relations Office]
 - General Admissions Examination Staff [Department: Admissions Center]
 - International Student Support Staff [Department: Student Affairs Group]
 - Library Staff [Department: Library] etc.

<How to Search the Jobs> 
Please contact each department directly or search from the ICU portal [internal website] for the job offers.
*Please note that the Student Affairs Group only handles bank account registrations and payments for part-time job salary.

2. Part-Time Job Registration [Important] 
From September 1, our counter is open during the hour of operation <11:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:00>.
If your schedule is limited due to class schedule or other factors, please contact us.
Submissions by email will not be accepted.
It is required that you preliminarily register your bank account for receiving your salary, and your “My Number (マイナンバー): 12-digit number designated by each municipality as an individual identification in Japan” at the Student Affairs Group.

Registration deadline: 10th and 25th of each month (It may change due to the convenience of closing period of the office .)
                                           *If you have not finished your registration by the deadline, the department that hired you will contact you.

Required documents:
 - "Written Oath for Part-time Student Job, and a Registration Application of your Bank Account and ‘My Number’"
 - Your bankbook or bank cash card to which your part-time work salary is transferred
 *It must indicate your bank account number, bank branch name, and name of the account holder.
   (Any Japanese financial institution that has a financial institution code is acceptable.)
 - A photocopy of either your “My Number Card” or “My Number Notification Card”
    *A photocopy of the page stating your “My Number” is required.
 - A photocopy of your residence card (for international students only)
    *Those with the status of residence as "Student (Ryugaku: 留学)" are not eligible to work.
      In this case, you must obtain a certificate of “Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence      Previously Granted” at the Immigration Bureau as follows.
    *Please make sure to obtain it before applying for a part-time student job.

 - As soon as you are hired for a part-time position on campus, please promptly register your bank account. If your registration were not completed, the University would be unable to pay your salary and it could cause trouble for the department that hired you.

 - In case of any changes to your registered information (e.g., a change of student ID number due to internal enrollment(内部進学), and change of bank account, etc.), please fill out the "Written Oath for Part-time Student Job, and a Registration Application of your Bank Account and ‘My Number’ ” once again, and re-submit it to the Student Affairs Group.

 - Please do not close your registered bank account until all of your part-time work payments have been transferred to your account.

 - Please note that we do NOT send money overseas. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have plans to live abroad or return to your home country after graduation or withdrawal.

3. Please Contact the Student Affairs Group in Case You Would Like to…
 - Check your account registration details.
 - Check your payment record.
 - Receive a proof of your salary and a Certificate of Withholding Tax
*On-campus part-time student jobs are taxed on a daily basis Hei (meaning “the third”) column method. The “Gensen Choshuhyo” (Certificate of Withholding Tax) will be issued once a year. It will be announced on the ICU Portal [internal website].