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Part-time Job on Campus

Approximately 200 students each month engage in part-time work(アルバイト) on campus, primarily in-the-office work. The offices as follows occasionally hire students for a temporary position.  If you want to work on campus, please contact the office you want to work for directly for more information. You must register information of your bank account and "My Number" to receive payment from the university. 

ICU Offices With Occasional Need for Part-time Student Staff 
Administration Building (1F): Admissions Center, Security Group, Educational Affairs Group, International Office, CLA Group, Student Affairs Group, Service Learning Center

Administration Building (2F): Property Custodian and Purchasing Group 

Alumni House: Advancement Office

Dialogue House: Placement Group, Counseling Center 

D-Kan: Religious Center, D-Kan Office

University Hall: Religious Music Center

ILC: IT Center 

ERB I: Rotary Peace Center, Gender Studies Center 

ERB II: Research Center for Japanese Language Education 

Other: Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum, PE Center/Sports Clubhouse, Library, High School

Register your bank information before starting on-campus work! 
You must submit a form* to register information of your bank account and your "My Number" to receive payment from the university.  Hand in the form to Student Affairs Group 1 month before starting work to receive the payment accordingly.  In the case of change in bank information, you should submit the form again with new information.  
* "Written Oath and Bank Account / Individual Number Registration for Student Part-time Job"