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For Visitors: Need ICU student as Tutor?

 ICU files a "Part-time Job Information for International Students" or 「学生アルバイト求人票」to provide information on home tutor postion for employers' and students' convenience.  The job must be a "tutor at home". 

 If you need an ICU student to work for your company or organization, please kindly contact "Nasic I Support". Job postions other than home tutor should be announced by the company.  ICU handles no job information other than tutor at home. 

3 Steps to Have ICU student as Tutor

1. Download the form, fill in and fax/send by pdf file (Application form / English )
        Student Affairs Group: Fax 0422-33-3752,  Mail<sag*icu.ac.jp> * Please replace *with @ when you send the form by email. 

2. Request form posted
The form is filed at the Student Affairs Group for 1 month.  Students can freely look into the file to find a job.  They may contact you for more in detail if the conditions of employment meet their needs.  Please contact us when the position is taken or if you need to remain calling for the position after 1 month. 

3. Meet students
         Please have some time to meet as many students as possible before signing contract.  Interview arrangements should be made directly with
           the students.  ICU has no control over the students' eligibility for the job postion.   

1. Suggested amount of payment is 2,000yen to 4,000yen per hour, depending on the nature of the job.  Employer is asked to discuss with the student for an appropriate amount. 
2. Foreign student with a residence status of "Student" must have a "work permit" *.  You must check the student's eligiblity by just seeing a back side of Residence Card the student carries. If it shows a small rectangular stamp saying 「許可:原則週28時間以内。風俗営業等の従事を除く), you can hire the student.  As the "work permit" stamp says, student can work up to 28 hours per week and must not engage in adult entartainment business including sex work.   

*The official name of the work permit is: "permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted"

Please direct inquiries to: ICU Student Services Division, 0422-33-3068