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Facilities outside of Campus

The Karuizawa Campus (“Sanbiso” building) and Nasu Campus offer facilities where students, faculty and staff can stay overnight in order to conduct summer research, extracurricular activities, various seminars and natural science research.
It is possible to enjoy the rich natural environment at both campuses and have experiences outside those of our everyday lives.

* The Nasu Campus is currently closed to earthquake-related damages.

How to Use Facilities at Karuizawa Campus and Nasu Campus
The Karuizawa Campus and Nasu Campus are open to the following individuals.
1. ICU students, faculty and staff
2. Individuals using the facilities for ICU classes or events
3. Individuals using the facilities for ICU student group’s activities
4. Others given permission by ICU

When Facilities Are Available
These facilities are available from late June to late September. Requests to use them are accepted from early June to early September. For details, please contact the Student Services Division.

Fees for Use
Lodging: ¥1,200/night (including tax) Sheets: ¥600/set of sheets One set of sheets is charged per occupant regardless of the number of nights he/she stays at the facility.

About the Karuizawa Campus “Sanbiso”
The Sanbiso is a mountain cottage in the summer resort town of Karuizawa.
It was previously used as a place for study by the NPO “Sanbikai” and was donated to ICU in 1952 by the late Kyozo Yuasa, a former ICU honorary trustee. It comprises 2 residential structures situated on 54,500 square meters of land between Naka-Karuizawa and Shinano-Oikawa. There is a tennis court and kitchen and the two structures can accommodate a total of 26 guests.

Location 5355 Sainokawahara, Nagakura, Karuizawa-Machi, Kita-Sakugun, Nagano-Ken 389-0111

Directions JR Tokyo Station to Karuizawa Station (Nagano Shinkansen), Karuizawa Station to Naka-Karuizawa Station or Shinano-Oikawa Station (Shinano Railway). From Naka-Karuizawa Station, 20 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by taxi. From Shinano-Oikawa Station, 40 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by taxi.

About the Nasu Campus
* The Nasu Campus is currently closed to earthquake-related damages.
The Nasu Campus is a research facility at the eastern foot of the Nasu highlands. Formerly grazing land for horses, the site offers a rich natural environment.
The site was used by the Jiseikai group after the Second World War and was purchased by ICU and then opened in 1978.
It includes a residential building, dining room, bathing hall, and playground. The dining room includes a kitchen for food preparation.
The site occupies some 973,000 square meters and offers long walking trails on which to encounter nature. The facility can accommodate 64 guests.

Location 1186-132 Aza-Nasumichiue, Ooaza-Toyohara-Otsu, Nasu-Machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi-Ken
Directions JR Tokyo Station to Shin-Shirakawa Station (Tohoku Shinkansen). From Shin-Shirakawa Station, 15 minutes by taxi.

Please direct inquiries to: ICU Student Services Division, Tel: 0422-33-3071,E-Mail: sa-office@icu.ac.jp