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Lost & Found

Anything found on campus will be forwarded to the Security Office (1st Floor, Administration Building). The Security Office keeps articles and will contact the loser if his/her name is attached. Please contact this office if you either lose or find anything on campus.
Resident Card
In case  your resident card is lost is lost or stolen, file a report of the loss or stolen at the polica to avoid any possibility of misuse.

*Where can I reissue the card?
You must apply at the Regional Immigration Bureau within 14 days after you have become aware of the fact of lost or stolen.  The new resident card will be issued on the spot.

*What do I need to bring for reissuance of the card?
-Application for reissuance of resident card
-1 Photo (40mm x 30mm)
-Certificate of the report of loss / theft issued at a local police station

National Health Insurance Card
You must vist the City / Ward office of your residence to apply for reissuance of National Health Insurance Card.  You should bring your Resident Card with you.

ICU Student ID Card
you must inform the Educational Affairs Office without delay.  To reissue your ID card, please pay 1,000 yen by payment stamp and your new card will be issued on the following business day.