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In case of emergency

To protect yourself from earthquakes and other cases of emergencies, it is important to prepare on a regular basis.
Please read through the information below:

1. In case of emergencies
-Confirm campus' evacuation sites, emergency exits for each building and evacuation routes
-Confirm locations of fire extinguishers
-Understand basic first-aid measures
-Confirm evacuation sites and routes for residence areas
-Prepare any items to be used in event of an emergency
-Participate actively ans seriously in disaster practice drills

2.If a disaster takes place
-In case of an earthquake, stay calm and first secure your plysical safety (It is dangerous to panic and rush outside!)
-Open doors and emergency exits to secure evacuation routes
-To whatever extent possible, plut the fires out and make an effort to extinguish them; watch out for falling rubble outside rooms

3. Actions to take after calm has been restored
-When at the university
 Follow instructions of on campus broadcasted announcements and instructions of faculty and staff
 While watching out for falling rubble, proceed to indicated evacuation areas.
 Provide assistance to anyone injured.
 After completing evacuation, watch out for fires or after-shocks and wait for instructions from the university.
 Report on your safety to your family and to the university.

-When outside the university:
 Proceed to the nearest evacuation site and follow the instructions of local government organizations, the police, fire department or train/subway station.
 Provide assistance to anyone injured.
 Report on your safety to your family and to the university.

4. Reporting/confirming safety
 If an accident or disaster occurs while you are off campus, be sure to contact the university referring to the following information
・Student Affairs Group
TEL: 0422-33-3071
E-mail: sa-office@icu.ac.jp

・Educational Affairs Office
TEL: 0422-33-3054
E-mail: ea-group@icu.ac.jp

・Public Relations Office
TEL: 0422-33-3040
E-mail: pro@icu.ac.jp

・General Affairs Group
TEL: 0422-33-3016
E-mail: ga-office@icu.ac.jp

・Graduate School Group
TEL: 0422-33-3232
E-mail: gsg@icu.ac.jp

・Security Group (Office)
TEL: 0422-33-3110
E-mail: hoan-g@icu.ac.jp

-Confirm the safety of family and friends
-Disaster message line: dial 171
If it is difficult to get through to family and friends due to an earthquake, the disaster message line ('saigai-yo den-gon dial') is offered. You should confirm in advance the phone number to be used for the message with family, friends or colleagues.
* Disaster Message Board (web171) is available with internet access via PC, smartphone, and mobile phone