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Dining Hall and Bookstore

Dining Hall
*For details about closed days and irregular operation hours, please check announcement on ICU Portal.

【Hours of Operation During Academic Terms】

Day Hours Note
Mon.~Fri. 8:00-20:00* Breakfast Menu 8:00−9:30
Lunch Menu 11:00−14:00
Dinner Menu 17:00−20:00*
*Last order: 19:30 (for all foods and drinks)

Dining hall is closed on:
days just before and after the new year, days on which university events are held, holidays on which there is no class, days on which campus electricity is shut off.
Sat. 8:00-15:00
Sun. 9:30-15:00

Hours of Operation During Breaks

Day Hours Note
Mon.~Fri. 8:00-19:00 Breakfast Menu 8:00-9:30
Lunch Menu     11:00-14:00
Dinner Menu 17:00-20:00
 Summer break during the Summer Courses   period
9:30-15:00  Summer break out of the Summer Courses   period
9:30-19:00  During spring and autumn break
  Sat. and
9:30-15:00  During spring, summer and autumn break

Sanseido Bookstore(bookstore / cafeteria)

【Hours of Operation During Academic Terms】

Day Hours Note
Mon.~Fri. 10:00-18:00 1F cafeteria、2F bookstore
Sat. 10:30-14:30 1F cafeteria is closed
Sun. close  

【Hours of Operation During Breaks (i.e., from the day after the last day of an academic term until the day before Registration Day (or the day before entrance ceremonies))】

Day Hours Note
Mon.~Fri. 10:30-15:00 1F cafeteria
  Mon.~Fri.   11:00-14:30   2F bookstore
Sat. close 2F bookstore opens on the day of Open Campus
Sun. close