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Contact from University

University Official Bulletin Boards (Notice) & Internal Portal Site
Important communication from the University is largely conveyed by means of notices and internal portal site (ICU Portal). Except in the case of emergency or special direct information to individuals, the University does not make direct contact with each individual student, so it is important to pay special attention to the University Official Bulletin Boards, which are located in the Administration Building, and also in the Honkan, 1st Floor. In addition, notices from various divisions and offices are posted on the bulletin boards located outside the respoective offices.
Various news and information can be found on the ICU Portal (http://portal.icu.ac.jp/), so please visit the site regularly.
Also, the Public Relations Office provides up-to-date information on the University, such as news, open lectures, events, etc., online. The homepage address is http://www.icu.ac.jp/index_e.html.

Message Boxes
Student message boxes are located in the central foyer, first floor of the Honkan. These boxes are used for messages from the University and among students. The boxes are assigned to students in order according to year and status and are alphabetized. Sice the message box is an important instrument in porviding university information and communication, make it a practive to stop at your message box at least once a day.

Private Message and Mail from Off Campus
The University does not handle private messages and postal matters sent from off campus addressed to individuals. Mail addressed to dorm students must include the name of the formitory, and mail addressed to clubs must specify the name of the club.