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Club Activities

There are over 50 recognized student groups at ICU, plus a large number of other clubs and “circles.” All are run by students. Recognized clubs are those clubs that have received recognition from a committee formed from representatives of existing clubs. Recognized clubs are eligible to receive funds from the university to support their activities. The many other student organizations at ICU are, except for not being able to receive funds from the university, able to conduct their activities the same as recognized clubs.

Extracurricular Activities
Students are able to conduct extracurricular activities according to their own policies and management, but they must also conform with the rules stipulated in the university regulations and students are required to conduct themselves responsibly an in a manner befitting an ICU student. When conducting extracurricular activities, students are to observe the following:

・Poster, meetings 
The individual(s) responsible must be clearly stated and the necessary approval must be received.

・Ball games 
Ball games (kicking, throwing, catching) are prohibited outside PE facilities.

・Activities that create noise 
Activities that create loud sounds/noise are prohibited in the areas surrounding University Hall, the Library, University Chapel, etc.
When organizing/taking part in activities that create loud sounds/noise, please pay as much attention as possible so as to avoid creating difficulties for classes, campus residents and residents of the surrounding community.

・Participation of non-ICU students/faculty/staff 
Activities led by or composed in large part by individuals who are not part of ICU are not permitted. If non-ICU students/faculty/staff are to participate in the activities then the group must conduct the activities under the direction of someone from ICU.

Business activities, fundraising activities, missionary activities (except those related to the ICU Church) are prohibited.

For details on these procedures please refer to “Procedures and Notifications Manual for Club/Circle Activities” or contact the Student Services Division ( kagaikatsudo@icu.ac.jp ).

Short-Courses for Student Organizations
ICU offers various programs to help support extracurricular activities. Details on these programs are publicized when they have been formalized. Students are encouraged to take part in these programs when they are available.

Club Representatives Meeting
The Club Representatives Meeting is made up of chairs, officers and other representative of all recognized student groups.
The meeting conducts various administrative functions in order to help students groups operate smoothly.
Among the meeting’s activities are: allotting funds to support recognized student groups, budgets, recognizing new clubs, deliberating on activities of recognized clubs, planning and conducting orientation for new students (orientation on clubs), contact between university and recognized club, resolving issues related to club/circle activities.

Please direct inquiries to:  ICU Student Services Division,  Tel: 0422-33-3070,   E-Mail: kagaikatsudo@icu.ac.jp